News in Real Time COM0011

I am not a person who comments on current events and it has taken me some time to express my feelings on the soldier who was killed in Ottawa, Ontario on October 22, 2014. Also the soldier who was killed on October 20th 2014 in Quebec, whom was just as much of a loss. With both of these deaths you found out about it with in minutes after the police were involved. CNN had coverage from start to finish, on Facebook people were expressing the loss of our soldiers and the loss of our innocence for this country. I was following along on Facebook and saw messages by the police to not to give out any information that could cause a loss of an arrest of any other person that may be involved.

Ten years ago we would have to turn on the TV at 6:00 pm to find out anything that was going on, now a days you can follow the news in real time. Now you can get information from Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media.

We are in the know so quick that sometimes it doesn’t even seem real. You hear so many different versions of the same story. An example of this was when Corporal Cirillo died they were looking for two killers not one.

In many ways it is much more interesting to follow the news in real time than five hours later after the fact.   But it must be very hard for the family of the slain victim who will see it on their computers and phones along with the TV broadcasting.

What do you think, is it easier to know what is happing in our backyard in real time?

2 thoughts on “News in Real Time COM0011

  1. Thank you for your thoughts. I think that it’s a double edged sword. We all like to know what’s going on in our backyards when its happening but sometimes the information that is coming through is not always accurate or complete. This can lead to confusion and wrongful decisions. We all need to keep in mind that the full story is not known when the first bits of information hit the social media world. We still need time to get all the information before we formulate our own opinions on the matter.

  2. As your previous commenter noted, it definitely has it’s benefits and drawbacks. Yes, we learn a lot more information a lot quicker… but a lot more of that information is incorrect. I think this new reality puts a lot more onus on the public to determine what is legitimate and what is accurate – things a news editor used to do.

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