How Powerful Social Media can give us a voice C0M0011

The hostage taking in Australia and in France are the most watched social media going in the last couple months. In real time you are finding out how many people have been killed wounded or still being held.

We watched and hoped that the people being held in Australia would be set free and no one would be harmed. Knowing that the only way to set the people free was to shoot the hostage taker, was very apparent. The hostage taker was known to police and was radical with his religion and his beliefs.

When the Muslim woman took off her hijab on the bus so she would not be hassled by people on the street, an onlooker saw what the lady had done and ran after her to tell her to please keep her hijab on this was not her doing. Then the onlooker went on Twitter and told the Australian people to be open minded and to understand that one person with radical beliefs is not everyone’s beliefs. With the onlooker sending this message to all of her country men on Twitter, she told the world. Which I heard on the six o’clock news.

The courage of this one bystander to say, follow your beliefs and I will stand by you. Also letting the world know that she was standing by the beliefs of this woman. When the bystander sent her feelings on Twitter she did tell the world what she thought.

Doing the right thing is not always easy but one small act in life is what makes this world a better place. Now with social media we can hear the worst of what people have done, but also hear what good people are capable of.

One thought on “How Powerful Social Media can give us a voice C0M0011

  1. What I find interesting is that in each of the recent attacks – Paris, Sydney and Ottawa – it took mere hours for people on Twitter to form powerful hashtags that captured how everyone was feeling. #JeSuisCharlie #IllRideWithYou and #OttawaStrong all took off on social media and even left Twitter to becomes slogans for the masses. For better or worse, our society today is managing to encapsulate how we feel by using hashtags.

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