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Social Media Is a Platform
Social media refers to the content production and exchange platform based on user relationships on the Internet. It is a tool and platform for people to share opinions, insights, experiences and opinions with each other. At this stage, it mainly includes social networking sites, Weibo, WeChat, blogs, forums , Podcasts, and more. Social media is flourishing on the fertile soil of the Internet, and dazzling energy has erupted. The information it has spread has become an important content for people to browse the Internet. Attract traditional media to follow up.

The Development of Social Media

Socialized Internet life has matured and developed in a small number of Internet Geeks, especially the “Pushers” who soak in Twitter every day, tirelessly pushing all kinds of new and interesting ideas, websites, news, music, videos Links, these “Twitter” messages were filtered and forwarded (RT, ReTweet) by level one, and quickly spread throughout the world. One of the best cases is the stranger chat website that was launched on March 25, 2009. Under the Tweet of the old Twitter user Veronica, if he got on the rocket, he reached 150,000 daily independent IP addresses in 20 days. Social media was a major trend of the Internet in 2008. Social media is a hot topic for consumers, businesses and sellers. Today, there are not only many authorities in the social media space, but also many startups, specialized books, and social media companies. In many businesses, it is common to hire social media strategists and community administrators, and develop appropriate outreach programs to leverage social media.

There is also a lot of interference in front of users, vendors and businesses. Whenever a new application appears, another application appears to help people manage it. Although the “eyeball economy” has always been coveted, both publishers and funders have realized that precision investment has higher returns than vigorous promotion.
Meaning and link are two key factors for the survival of all social media. As people increase the difficulty of organizing information and finding networks related to themselves, these two elements are gradually diminished. In fact, social media is breaking through its ceiling because it can no longer meet the needs of users. Based on these factors, we believe that social media is changing.

Benefits of Social Media
Social media drives corporate information transparency
Social media is more capable of fostering the spirit of corporate collaboration than any previous technological innovation, so that all companies and organizations can be placed under public supervision. The more motivated a company is on social media, the more transparent it is. For example, HP’s employee blogging program gives outsiders better insight into HP’s internal conditions. Companies like Wal-Mart even invite customers to blog.
Prior to integrating into social media, it was difficult for large businesses to interact with users and get feedback. After integrating into social media, users can directly reach the top of the enterprise. In addition, all companies have to be more cautious when facing environmental issues, product standards, and consumer and employee rights.
Social media improves product quality
Social media makes it possible for all consumers to comment and criticize products, so manufacturers’ products must have excellent quality. Manufacturers whose product quality is not sufficient will be exposed and eventually fail. This is why good products tend to invest less in traditional marketing. The existence of social media enables great products to be sought after by their users and fans.
Social media can provide excellent customer service channels
See how Virgin America uses Twitter. If you have a problem with your flight, just ask Virgin’s customer service staff on Twitter. This service is very forward-looking.
Social media can create products that consumers really need
Starbucks, Dell, and Procter & Gamble have all adopted this model, listening to users’ opinions and feedback, and thereby creating better products. The more aggressive large companies are, the more they can promote this model.
Consumers can control social relationships
You can choose to focus on Intel or Ford employees, and whether you need to join their community is up to you. This is in sharp contrast to traditional media, where you have absolutely no control over your relationship with a large company.
Free access to large businesses
Companies often build platforms, websites, and services to make money and build businesses, but most of them are free to users. In many cases, these services rely on advertising and sponsorship fees to generate revenue.
Large businesses can provide interesting information on social media
If some brands want to publish videos through social platforms and do it right, then consumers can get information from it. Such as Coca-Cola ’s company history on its blog and Nike ’s football video on YouTube.

A detailed introduction to social media

The benefits of social media to the company

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The impact of social media on people’s lives

The existence of social media in today’s society has indeed added a lot of content to people’s lives, and it has indeed changed a lot of life rhythms and living conditions. It is just that in the face of complicated social media, as a person can handle himself and social well The relationship between the media and whether the negative effects of social media can be minimized is an important issue.
Today’s bow-heads are already everywhere, and people spend a large part of their free time on social media, so that they pay less attention to the people in front of them and the things in front of them. This is really not a good thing. Why do people invest their energy in social media? This is the power of technology. Social media does provide a brand new social platform, and the amount of information, the breadth of information, and the speed of transmitting information are definitely not something that can be replaced by daily social interactions. It is precisely this feature that meets people’s curiosity. , Naturally attract people to the past. After all, human beings are curious, and they have a desire to peep at those new things, those strange things, and the explosive information.

However, in the face of social media, the vast majority of people do not treat it well. It is necessary to post some messages on WeChat, Weibo, and so on, especially those posted in the circle of friends. Many times, these messages are not carefully discerned. I do n’t have time to verify the authenticity, and I often believe that it ’s posted by a friend I know, and even forward it. Once the time has passed, if these WeChat and Weibo are not true, Even lies can mislead people, and the negative effects are conceivable. This is a situation.
A more common situation is the common existence of low-headed people. These people would rather spend a lot of time in virtual networks than raise their heads to pay attention to the real world in front of them, real people, real conditions, even in the face of Loved ones also spend enough time to communicate with them. Even the most beloved friends don’t seem as close as the virtual conversation on the Internet. Those who like to constantly express themselves on social media, or people who keep making so-called friends, and who constantly accumulate their own number of friends, may seem to have gathered enough popularity and sufficient network resources on the surface. , But these friends who just stay online are true friends? Can they tell clearly? Can they find real friends in the virtual online world and can help themselves? Many times, these network experts may not really think seriously, and they may not actually have actual contact with people they associate with on the network. If this is the case, it is not a lucky thing for these bow-headed people. After all, they are excessively nostalgic for online interactions, while ignoring the actual interactions may cause some disadvantages to their own personalities and their daily lives. Impact.

The serious situation may be the kind of network dependence. Once they leave social media, they feel that they have lost their due value. They dare not face the real life and face the real problems. People who suffer from Internet dependence disorder like to continuously display on the Internet, or even show their life in a comprehensive and careful manner. If they do n’t do this, they are very uncomfortable. If they do n’t, they may lose their friends. The end result of such excessive use of social media can only increase the possibility of problems for such people, and even serious conflicts with their families, such as between husband and wife.
The emergence of social media does provide a broad new platform for people to communicate with each other, but such a broad and novel platform has both its advantages and potential risks. The key is what kind of people are using this platform Use it mentally, what methods to use, and how much time to use.

Chinese Shopping Social Media

This time, this article is about a Chinese shopping social media platform. In China, the largest shopping social media platform is called Taobao. If you are still unfamiliar with this name, then you can take a look at my previous blog. I introduced Taobao in the previous blog. Since the theme this time is risk, today we will talk about the risks of buyers and sellers in Taobao.

First, we can discuss the risks of buyers. Buyers log in to their Taobao account and enter the Taobao homepage to see pictures of the products. You can buy anything legal on Taobao, such as clothes, pants, shoes, daily necessities, furniture, drinks, electronics, school supplies, etc., all kinds of products will be sold. The Taobao system will calculate the search records of each consumer according to the usual search records of consumers. Through the search records, the system will recommend the products they want to each consumer. Very humane, but there are also some risks. Consumers decide whether they want to buy a product by viewing photos posted by the merchant. Because the product can only be understood through pictures and the introduction of the merchant, consumers do not know the quality of the product at all, and sometimes the colors and styles of the real products and the products in the pictures do not match. For example, when buying clothes on Taobao software, the merchant will find models to wear these clothes, and at the same time will find some beautiful angles, take pictures, usually the model’s figure is very good, and taking pictures is also very good, So the risk is that it is very likely that when the actual goods and photos received by consumers do not look the same. This will be a very failed consumption. At the same time, Taobao also has a function that after consumers receive the product, they can comment under the product to provide information for some consumers who are about to buy the product. But at the same time, in order to let consumers see better reviews, there are many merchants who will spend some good reviews. Of course, these reviews are false, just to attract consumers’ attention. This is wrong. .

Secondly, we can discuss the risks of merchants. The merchant registers an account on Taobao, and can release some new products every day. However, it is very likely that many peers will also release the same products. The strong competitiveness makes merchants have to think of better ways to sell their products. The most common is to adjust the price. At the same time, many peers will deliberately maliciously evaluate other stores as consumers in order to allow consumers to buy their own products, but there are also some consumers who return without reason or return damaged items and make unreasonable requirements. So malicious bad reviews. These are risks for businesses.

In summary, not only online public shopping, but any platform that contacts social media will have risks. What we have to do is not to be afraid of risks, to be brave to face them and to minimize them.

The Social Media In My Life

With the development of the times and the advancement of technology, contemporary people are increasingly inseparable from social media. People put social media into their lives, and social media also helps people at all times. I am a fresh graduate from China, so we can first talk about the social media that Chinese people cannot live without.

As long as China’s social media is mentioned, the first thing people think of is WeChat. In the early years, someone would use QQ. WeChat is the most indispensable social media for communication between people. There may be a variety of reasons why people cannot stay with their families every day, then they can stay in touch through WeChat, chat every day and even have video calls. After seeing funny videos, you can share interesting people and things with family and friends through WeChat. There is also a feature in WeChat called the Moments. Through the Moments, people can show everyone their feelings, show their status, and even share their own things. At the same time seeing others’ sharing, people can also like to forward and comment . All functions in WeChat are based on communication between people. Maybe when there is a quarrel between two good friends, saying something face to face may cause the two to be embarrassed. At this time, they can use WeChat to communicate, say their true ideas, and effective communication promotes the two relationship.


Next, let’s talk about the next social media, Weibo. Although the WeChat mentioned above can also publish articles, it is a relatively private type. People use WeChat mainly to chat and make phone calls. So what’s different about Weibo, which is also social media? People can use Weibo to publish articles, people can freely express their opinions, and even see the dynamics of some stars, which is more open. People can also get some news from Weibo. There is a term called Re Sou, which means that the topics on Re Sou are the freshest and most searched topics. For example, I am now in Canada, but a virus infection has occurred in China recently. My families and friends are in China. I am very worried. I need to know the domestic situation and how the government will help people to advance and retreat with the people. Then, at this time, I can open Weibo to keep track of the progress of the event.


Then the last popular social media that I want to talk about today, called Taobao, is an online shopping platform. There are various things on the platform, and the prices are favorable. Most of the courier services are delivered for free, and the delivery speed is very fast. Every year on November 11th, when all kinds of goods are discounted the most, people will buy quite a lot of things on that day. We refer to that day as Double Eleven, and there are some similar to foreign Black Friday and boxing day.

The above is a brief introduction to Chinese social media. In the next issue, I will write a report on foreign social media. Stay tuned, thank you.

Deep Understanding of Social Media Marketing

Social Media, also known as social media, refers to websites and technologies that allow people to write, share, rate, discuss, and communicate with each other. After years of development in Chinese social media, categories have become diverse. There are mainly forum communities, social networking sites, blogs, Weibo, location check-in, Q & A, and WeChat. Social media marketing is to use these social media, companies can listen to users, promote their products, and influence customers in a subtle way.

So what are the characteristics of social media marketing? Compared with other online marketing such as search engines and email, the trust-based communication mechanism of social media marketing and the high active participation of users can more influence the consumption decisions of netizens and provide a large number of brands to be spread and enlarged Opportunity. Social media users are highly sticky and stable, with a clear positioning, which can provide brands with more targeted target groups. The market for social media marketing is still expanding. It is no longer a place for friends to share, but a brand new business competition model. Social media marketing is very important in people’s lives and at work. First of all, social network marketing can meet different marketing strategies of enterprises, such as product implantation. House implantation of real estate projects, implantation of mobile phones as gifts, etc .; market research. Conduct surveys in cities where target users are concentrated to understand user opinions on products and services; viral marketing. Videos or content embedded with corporate elements can be shared and reposted among users as quickly as viruses spread. You know, the foundation of marketing is to show the interaction between people. Secondly, social network marketing can effectively reduce the marketing costs of enterprises. The main medium of social network marketing communication is the user, and the main method is “public word of mouth”. Therefore, compared with traditional advertising forms, there is no need for a large amount of advertising investment. On the contrary, because of the characteristics of user participation, sharing, and interaction, it is easy to deepen the awareness of a brand and product, and it is easy to form a deep impression. Analysis forms a good communication effect. In the end, accurate marketing for target users can be achieved. Now, it is time to explain the importance of branding activities. Brands are often proficient in social media strategies. We can use some examples to better understand the importance of social media for brands. The first, Twitter. Most of Twitter’s main users come from the media, opinion experts, celebrities, senior managers, and young professionals with personal opinions in specific fields. On this media platform, merchants can sell their products, and people can express their ideas and self-promotion. Consumers usually on Twitter need something to see worth sharing, commenting, and debating. How to showcase your brand through Twitter? If your company has a certain size, let your senior employees discuss current affairs with clear arguments, which can help your company occupy a seat on the platform. If you are planning a large promotional event, you need the support of a well-known person. The second, YouTube. Youtube attracts 18-49-year-olds more than in the US wired network. The platform connects 79 languages ​​in 88 regions, and more than half of the page views come from mobile devices. The average watch time is 40 minutes; video bloggers, brands, and entertainment video libraries are very influential. Those who need inspiration from the movie or are interested in unique topics will rely heavily on Youtube. Consumers often need to see great or interesting, high quality, and desirable content.


How can I better design and implement a social media strategy? Before that, we first need to clarify three questions: 1. Who are you targeting? 2. What are the needs of customers? 3. What channels should you use to reach customers and communicate with them? Only by answering these three questions can we better design and implement social media strategies. After clarifying the three issues just mentioned, we need to take the next step-clear social media operations responsibilities. Unified management and command is very important. The number of social platforms is small, but the quality must be high, and centralized management is essential. The third step is to develop a communication strategy from the perspective of customer needs. We must understand what customer service needs, rather than just talking about the good and bad of some products, in order to determine the direction of communication and promotion. Then use storytelling to incorporate product introductions, show people how products can better help people work, help customers solve problems, win customer favor, and establish a brand image. Make full use of the advantages of fast, wide, and rapid feedback on social media, and be more proactive and faster than customers to meet customer needs. It is the so-called knowledge of oneself and one another to win. The fourth step is internal communication and clear social media strategic planning. Internal communication is very important. People work together, and similar situations can occur in the company, but our ultimate goal must be the same. The fifth step is to evaluate the results and look at the long-term goals. No matter what index we measure, we must consider it in the long run. Short-term data does not represent anything. What you need to do is set an indicator and pay attention to it for a long time. Even if the standard is not the most accurate, you can see the clue from long-term observation.

Finally, we need to apply theoretical knowledge to practice. We can incorporate Social media strategies into advertising strategies. For example, suppose our company wants to advertise a milk named weiwei. First of all, we need to know what kind of milk this is, suitable for people of all ages to drink, what kind of harvest will be obtained after drinking, such as calcium supplementation. Immediately afterwards, we may embed this milk advertisement in a TV series or movie, so that the audience can see that the main characters in the TV series or movie are drinking this milk, and let the audience know this through the actors’ lines. Features of the milk. For a long time and large-scale implantation of advertisements, this type of milk will be firmly remembered by the audience, so the audience is likely to choose our milk when they choose.