What I Did on My Vocation

Before I kept a dog, I was a person who really enjoyed vacationing with friends. Find a free time, organize some good friends, do a good strategy in advance, and the next day everyone gets together to hang out, very happy and relaxed. But since I raised my dog, I started to like to take my dog out. I hope my dog can follow along, see more beautiful scenery and eat super delicious food.

Now let me share with you, the last time I had a vacation with my dog. My dog is Bugatti, a Labrador, she likes snow days very much, and she likes to play on the ice.

On that day, the sunshine was particularly good, just in time for Bugatti’s birthday. I bought a new skirt for Bugatti, and Bugatti was very happy. Originally, we did not plan to take Bugatti to vacation, but when I saw it looking out the window, I suddenly realized that Bugatti might really want to go out and play. But my mother said that it had just rained outside and it was really dirty. After hearing this sentence, Bugatti began to “duel” with my mother. Eventually, I compromised with my mother.

Help Bugatti take off the new skirt, prepare water and food, my mother and Bugatti, we set off. Just downstairs, I met Lucky, Bugatti’s little partner. Bugatti decided to play Lucky for a while before we set off.

After playing for a while, Lucky went home and we were ready to go. Since it was Bugatti’s birthday, and this holiday was also to celebrate Bugatti’s birthday, my mother and I decided to go to Bugatti’s favorite football stadium. It is now a holiday, so there are no students in the school, we can let Bugatti run and play on the football field as much as possible.

On the way to go, Bugatti was particularly happy, looking left and strolling right.

Along the way, Bugatti ran as heartily as a child. When I was thirsty, I ran back to my mother and me, beckoning us that she was thirsty and wanted to drink water, and my mother and I would take out Bugatti’s glass and feed her with water. Sometimes running too fast, we will use the “snack temptation” to call Bugatti back to us.

Soon, my mother, and Bugatti, the three of us came to the football field, originally thinking that Bugatti could finally relax completely again and play unscrupulously. As a result, the good times did not last long and the football field was locked. We can only watch outside, not play inside. Bugatti was extremely lost.

Bugatti looked at the football field in a particularly disappointing way. To comfort Bugatti, my mother and I took out Bugatti’s favorite snacks, and Bugatti became a little happier. Although we can’t play in the football field, we can visit the environment around the football field. Even if Bugatti can’t run unscrupulously, it can be seen that she is quite satisfied with the scenery around the football field.

In the end, my mother and I were particularly tired. We decided to go home, but Bugatti around us seemed to be unsatisfied. We decided to go home and fetch Bugatti’s favorite ball and let Bugatti play happily near her house. The dog’s wishes are really easy to satisfy.

In this way, before dinner, we ended our day’s vacation.
I am a person who likes dogs very much, because they have a long time to keep dogs, and there are many friends around them who are veterinarians. You can ask me a series of questions such as dog diarrhea. I will do my best to help you. Finally, I will share a link with you. This is the video I often watch on Youtube about dogs. I hope you like it.


Finally, I want to say that if you like dogs too, then hurry up and have a dog of your own. Dogs are very docile, and they are very loyal. No matter what happens, they will be with us without any turning back. Physically, we keep dogs, and spiritually, dogs keep us. To those who already own dogs, we must spend more time with them, because for them, we are their entire world.

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