My Personal Story

Hello everyone, my name is Haowei Sun, and of course I have an English name, Andrea, I come from China. Now I want to share my story and my experience with you.
Before coming to Canada, my internship in China was an English teacher. Because our school is a private school, in addition to teaching and educating people, I have another task, which is to help the school recruit students. In the daily life of the school, actively prepare lessons every day, and then give students lessons, give full play to their strengths, and satisfy the students’ longing for knowledge. During the winter and summer holidays, we will represent the school and go to various places to recruit students. First of all, we will make photos, videos, and school profiles that we have accumulated at school into a brochure, and then publish them on various social media. For example, we will use WeChat (from China’s social media platform) to publish the school’s promotional articles with personal accounts and clearly indicate the contact and contact phone number below; secondly, we will post on Weibo (from China’s social media platform) ) And other public social media platforms to publish various articles to help new candidates to solve problems and tell them about our school. At the same time, the school’s official website will also publish articles to try to let parents and students learn about our school as quickly as possible. We will also make the introduction of our school into ppt format and go to each school to explain.
These are my work and my life when I was in China. If you are very interested in Chinese culture, then I will be honored to share with you.

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