B2C Case Study

Today, I’d like to introduce Fenty beauty’s online sales electronic service.
How does Fenty Beauty use social media
Through the investigation of Fenty Beauty in this period of time, we can draw the following conclusions: first of all, Fenty Beauty has published a large number of videos on youtube, including the introduction of the brand, and some Internet Celebrities use the videos to recommend products to fans; secondly, on social media such as twitter and Facebook, use the account of the official website to publish articles about products and discount activity time.
Analyze the interaction between Fenty Beauty and customers
In social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook, I found that the staff would record how many people are paying attention to the brand on a monthly basis. Every day, the staff would reply to doubts about customers and help them out of difficulties. In case of problems such as express delivery, the staff will actively help customers solve them.
My personal opinion
I personally like this brand very much, and I have bought many cosmetics of Fenty Beauty from the Internet. First of all, I want to say that in my opinion, it is also very important, that is, the after-sales problem. At the same time, I also saw in the message on the official website that the staff were very active to help solve the problem; secondly, the product quality problem, after buying many times, almost no dissatisfaction occurred to me. I think the friendly attitude of the staff is very important, which is very helpful for the staff to communicate and share with customers on the social network.
Some questions about me
Due to different materials, some products of Fenty Beauty will be damaged after customers receive them. Although this is related to product materials, in order to avoid this situation, can staff come up with some better express ways to avoid these problems?
Ask readers for their opinions
Although the logistics speed of express delivery is very fast, but the delivery speed is very slow. Is there any better way to solve this problem? Also, have you ever encountered this phenomenon, the same product, but in different websites, the price is different. In such a situation, is there any better solution?
Thank you very much for watching my blog. If you have anything you want to share with me, welcome.

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