Professional Networking Now and in the Future

Professional Networking Now and in the Future

What is your parent strategy for developing your professional network online and in person?

Career development strategy is a key step to realize one’s career potential and get the dream job. For us who are new to the workplace, the establishment of strategy is very important. First, we need to control our career. It is very important to examine one’s strengths, weaknesses, motivations and values; secondly, to understand one’s competitive advantages and to search for all possibilities and opportunities; thirdly, to develop professional knowledge. Understand what you are best at; fourth, build your network and analyze your current options. Once you start building your expertise and planning your network, you should pay close attention to the tactical options you can gain in the short term. Finally, we should be good at reflecting on ourselves and summarizing ourselves. The above five points are my strategy, and in my opinion, very important strategy.

What activities and commitments are you making in the next 6-12 months to continue the development of your networks?

So how can I continue to develop my network in the next 6-12 months? First of all, I have to learn to show myself. Self presentation is a great guide to expanding your network. Through writing, speaking, organizing activities from me to show, attract people and expand contacts. Second, give or ask for help. Make full use of the existing network, and establish contact with his friends through the degree of separation of friends, such as giving some small gifts, helping others to build networks, inviting them to dinner, etc. Extend your network to your team or department or even outside your industry. Give valuable, helpful and pertinent suggestions to the other party to meet certain needs or solve certain problems in a specific and thoughtful way. Remember: everyone has a place to help others. Seek out what the other person is good at, make clear and specific requests politely, make others feel comfortable, and let him evaluate how much time, energy or resources will be spent. Before asking for help, you should talk about the reasons and praise them. Finally, learn to maintain relationships. This kind of relationship maintenance is not to wait for the time when we need help to maintain the relationship, but in normal times, we will maintain the relationship intentionally or unintentionally. This is how I will continue to develop my relationships in the next six months.


If you have any other good strategies, please share them with me.

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