Tools and Sources

Two of My Favorite Social Tools
Since I have just arrived in Canada, I am not very familiar with some social media tools in Canada, but I am very willing to share with you, in China, my two favorite social tools. The first one is called WeChat; the second one is called Weibo.

Reasons to Like It
First, I want to share WeChat with you. In China, whether it is a child, an adult, or even an elderly person, when communicating with each other, WeChat is used first. We can use WeChat to chat, make voice calls, and make video calls. At work, you can set up discussion groups, so that people can easily arrange or receive tasks; secondly, there is a function in WeChat called friend circle, we can share our mood, selfies, videos, etc. in the circle of friends. Even some staff will use the circle of friends to publish advertisements to promote themselves. Some merchants will use the circle of friends to show customers their products, successful cases, etc.
Secondly, I want to introduce you to the role of Weibo Just like Twitter, people can publish articles on Weibo and interact with people with similar interests. At the same time, there is a function in Weibo called hot search list, we will know some important and new things through hot search list every day. About entertainment stars, or some news, we can see on Weibo.

News and Sources I am Most Interested in
First of all, I have to say that the news I have been following most recently is COVID-19. Because of the rapid spread of this infectious disease, people with resistance can even lose their lives. The second news I am concerned about is that the famous basketball player Kobe and his daughter passed away due to an accident some time ago, which makes me feel very sad and sorry.
Then, referring to the source, I check Weibo or BBC News on my phone or computer every day. Through these two social media tools, I can learn more about what I want to know.

How Does My Work Relate to the Social Media Tools I Mentioned
First of all, I mentioned WeChat. At the same time, I also said that the circle of friends in Weibo can make people send some advertisements, products and labor results in it. Well, every day, we will make good use of the circle of friends, publish some solutions to problems, some articles on certain important things, etc., so that others see products about our company, so as to choose our company.
The second is Weibo. Compared with WeChat, Weibo is more open. Even if you do n’t add friends, you can also see that helping others solve problems on Weibo and then promoting the company is also a marketing tool for us.


I am a very willing person to share. I like dogs very much. I come from China. If any of you are interested in pets or Chinese culture, please feel free to discuss and communicate with me. At the same time, I am full of longing for the culture of various countries, and I am willing to listen to the stories of others.

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One thought on “Tools and Sources

  1. I was recently in Europe and someone tried to get me to download WeChat! I still am sticking with WhatsApp but I enjoyed learning more about WeChat from you as well hearding about Weibo for the first time.

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