Do You Know My Story?

What is my greatest achievement?
In fact, from small to large, I am not a very good child. I failed to make my parents proud of my achievements, and even sometimes my parents often worried about my study. In my life, maybe my independence is the only thing that makes my parents proud. So what’s my greatest achievement? I think it’s through my own efforts that I raise a puppy, healthy and healthy, grow up with it and watch it grow up.
I like dogs very much, but because my parents are busy with their work and don’t have time to take care of them, I didn’t have the first dog in my life until I went to university. It’s called Bugatti. It’s a Labrador. As a new dog owner, I really have no experience. I don’t know what a dog needs. I only treat the dog according to my wishes until my trainer pointed out my mistakes later. I look up the information very actively every day. Take a look at what dogs can’t eat, what dogs like to eat, and what they eat will make Bugatti healthier. In addition, I am inseparable from my dog every day. I will take it everywhere I go. Even if I cook at home, it will follow me all the time. When it was six months old, I sent it to school to learn some skills.
The first thing I do every morning is walk the dog, then go home and prepare breakfast for Bugatti. I will sit next to Bugatti and eat with him. At noon, we take a nap together. After dinner in the evening, we take a walk together. It’s anxious when I’m not around.
It came to me when it was one month old. At that time, it was only three or four Jin. Now it is more than one year old and more than sixty Jin. I watched it grow up, its life is all me, which is my biggest achievement in my eyes.

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