COM0011 – Blog Post 2 – Personal Branding

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is in fact your reputation, good or bad it is what people see you as; consequently this determines where people place you and how they will treat you.

In an era of social media dominance anyone can find you on the internet good or bad. If you are looking for a job and have unacceptable postings, pictures, comments etc. your personal brand will hinder more than help you to succeed.

4 Steps on how to build your personal brand.

Build Your Personal Brand Step 02 Version 2.jpgBuild Your Personal Brand Step 07 Version 2.jpgBuild Your Personal Brand Step 09.jpgBuild Your Personal Brand Step 13.jpg


  • Change your Image
    1. Avoid bad publicity as all publicity cannot be good and people will not take you seriously.
    2. Establish what you stand for and lay it out there for all to see.
    3. Never stop learning and growing to become the best.
    4. Market your personality so that others know easily who you are and what they can expect.
  • Communicate with People
    1. Run a blog or a website to give others the chance to grow a connection with you.
    2. Network to build relationships with as many people as possible, and really get to know them.
    3. Align yourself with individuals who can help you. Do not pester them, rather make comments on what they write, keep track of their posts, and offer help when needed.
    4. If you have limited time, inform people ahead of time so that expectations are set.
    5. Make sure that people can see who you are with a great head shot or action photos.
  • Promote yourself
    1. Make a website and blog on it.
    2. Have an active and present social media presence.
    3. Carry unique business cards.
    4. Display a professional headshot.
    5. Mean business and take it seriously by dressing the part.
    6. Get a well written bio.
  • Succeed long term
    1. Spend time to create all the proper info you want to display.
    2. Stay active in your field to create change and be innovative.
    3. Take any opportunity to speak up and make your ideas known.
    4. Stay fresh and update your skills constantly.
    5. Your personal brand as an investment, one that will last longer than your lifespan.

How does your personal brand stand up?

For myself, I now know I need to sit down and re-evaluate what I am doing right and wrong with my brand; however, most importantly I think I will need to decide where I want my personal brand to take me. There are so many steps to follow that I want to make sure I know where I am headed so that I can tailor my brand correctly and not waste precious time in the end.

COM0011 – Blog Post 1 – Wiki environments


Wiki environments…and here I always thought collaborating on one document was the only way we could painfully do it.

Thinking back to how many projects I worked on and the amount of people working on them together at any given moment, I always thought there was no other way around it. Save multiple document versions and colour code everyone’s part adding as many notes as possible so that nothing gets missed.

In an ever evolving technological society why aren’t wiki environments better understood and utilized in business? At least for the work I do in marketing and fundraising I can see just how helpful a wiki would be for certain projects like silent auctions. Multiple people trying to contact multiple potential supports can be extremely difficult on one excel sheet, but with a wiki nothing would slip through the cracks and everyone would be able see the changes and progress.

Perhaps I will need to introduce this to the department…


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