COM0011 – Blog Post 3 – Getting it done right with #Hashtags

hashtag hashtagGetting it done right with #Hashtags

When thinking about the fundamentals of social media for business: awareness, action, authenticity and trust, the same types of things need to be thought of when it comes to hashtags.

Some simple rules to live by, so that your campaign or brand story can get the most out of #hashtags.

Awareness – Keep in mind, is your hastag to help organize content or to tell a specific story? Remember to use the hashtag to stay on topic and relevant to your brand identity or mission.

Action – Make sure that you provide consumers with the ability to participate in a brands story for a longer time. Making hastags too specific to one event, limits the life of the hashtag and the time your consumer spends with your brand.

Authenticity – Check to make sure your hashtag is unique to your brand. You do not want to lose your brands message amongst all other conversations.

Trust – Test your hashtag ahead of time to make certain the message you want to give and receive through it is the correct one. You want to be a reliable source that has the best interest in the consumer.

How did you measure up? When it comes to your next campaign remember these four tips to help you reach your ultimate potential.

4 thoughts on “COM0011 – Blog Post 3 – Getting it done right with #Hashtags

  1. Great blog and excellent tips! Our brands (radio stations in Cornwall) use #hashtags quite often. Good point about the “action” and lifespan. For our community events, we typically create a #hashtag and encourage listeners to use it on Twitter to communicate with us but you’re right… after the event, the message dies.

    We are currently pushing what I think is one of our most thought out #hashtags and that is #pplofCornwallON. It’s somewhat familiar (thank you, #pplofWalmart), we had to include ON because we are often grouped in with Cornwall, England and it’s inviting our listeners and people in our community to be involved. We even have a webpage which features all of the Tweets that have come in!

    Who knew that putting thought in to #somethingsimplelikeahashtag could make it an incredibly #powerful message for your brand!

  2. Thanks! We have done the exact same in the past with specific #hashtags for our events not knowing any better.

    I hope you have much more success with #pplofCornwallON, it does seem very thought out and will keep people engaged and returning easily.

    All it takes is a little stopping and thinking about what is the best for the brand, rather than what is the easiest in this exact moment.

  3. Thanks for sharing these rules. I have often thought about using hashtags for specific events, but I am rethinking this after reading your post. Perhaps it would be better to share one for all events to keep the conversation going? I am currently putting my plans together for the upcoming year so this is great timing.

  4. These are great tips and as someone who is hoping to start a small business in the near future, very timely. I love the idea of having a well thought out, well planned hashtag to keep the conversation going. I am guilty of typically creating a #hashtag on the fly! This will change the way I think – Thank you!

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