Personal Reflection – COM0014 Post #7

Why is story telling important for creating great digital content?

Story telling is the life blood of any company or personal identity. Without it and without it done right others will never get a true picture of who you are. By engaging others creatively and consistently you are setting up for a great relationship between you and them. Without this you run the risk of others not knowing you and your true story which can lead to misconceptions and inappropriate judgement’s.


But how will your content be guided by your story?

I think it is important to begin at the beginning of your story, where it all began. As you continue with your story it is a very good idea to keep aware of what others are saying who are like you and what your audience is drawn to when you right. If you get more comments and shares on emotionally hitting articles than historical facts, keep writing in the same style. Remember your story doesn’t have to change rather you just need to adapt to what works for your audience. Through in a photo or two as well to keep it fresh and inviting.

What kind of stories do I want to tell?

I hope to tell stories that people are so drawn to they feel inspired to keep the conversation going. Stories should engage you and make you think. The best stories should connect with you in some sort of way. I hope to write stories that will make people feel emotional about any situation I write about by making them empathize or sympathize with the story they are reading.

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