Do People Know Your Story? COM1104 – Post #6

The job market is a scary place out there today, wouldn`t you say?

There are more qualified, or even over qualified people, looking for jobs today than ever before. In the field of Marketing, it can be brutal and if you don’t know someone or don’t have an outstanding resume it can be passed by in an instant.

Many questions pass through my head on a daily bases… Am I good enough? Can I make it in a bigger role than the one I’m in? Can I compete with new graduates? Nevertheless, the greatest fear and question I have is am I selling myself short?

Becoming comfortable in a role has always been a downfall of mine. Rather than comparing and contrasting myself to others, and what they offer, I need to remember to look within. There are so many things I have accomplished and I do have many great qualities and abilities to contribute to the Marketing work force.

Everyone takes a different path to get to where they want to go. Some have a faster path and more direct, while others may take a bit of a round about one to get there. What I think I need to remind myself is that no matter how scared or questioning I can be of everything I am not alone.

No one is perfect and if I never push myself to try, I will never know true success.

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