COM0011 – Blog Post 5 – Remarketing with Facebook

Remarketing with Facebook  Like

Facebook is an ever growing and changing social media. Gone are the days where we just wanted to connect with the people we used to go to school with to share photos to reconnect.

Facebook has evolved into a highly sought after marketing tool that allows companies to connect with the specific audience they want to reach.

But what if companies did get their one chance to interact with those individuals and they have already visited the brand websites through Facebook?

New rebranding features have now been rolled out on the social media tool allowing marketers the chance to remarket to their audience.

  1. Multi-product ads – This allows the marketer to display 3 products within a single ad that looks like a slide show.

multi-product ads

  1. Custom Audiences – This includes three new capabilities:
    1- In Ads Manager and Power Editor businesses will be able to build new kinds of audiences
    2- Using Audience limits enables targeted segments for different products
    3- Ability to select targets based on past activity history on their websites.

custome audiences

As a user of Facebook how does this make you feel?

Do you feel violated with these changes, since these capabilities are only available by tracking your usage or do you welcome the information coming directly to you without having to spend time searching for it?

I know that for myself, since the multi-product ads have rolled out I have been guilty of clicking on them more than once out of curiosity.

I think that it is a nice change, in our face paced society, to not have to seek out this information and have it come directly to us.

3 thoughts on “COM0011 – Blog Post 5 – Remarketing with Facebook

  1. I can understand that some people might feel violated because it seems like companies are gaining more and more insight in to our personal lives. However, in my opinion, this is a natural progression for social and traditional media altogether – and I welcome it!

    Our information has always been somewhat accessible on the web (ie: websites with cookies – they can see where you’ve been and recognize if you’ve been on their site before). Now, on social media, marketers are able to use this information to their advantage and can direct their product to the appropriate audience. I, as the audience, think it’s great that I will see ads for things that are of actual interest.

    Furthermore, an area of discussion in my field right now (radio broadcasting), is that likely within the next 5 years, radio and TV broadcasters will be able to do the same thing. You’ll be driving to work, listening to the radio, and all of the commercials you hear will be targeted directly at YOU! Technology will soon allow us to target our radio and TV ads to the exact audience we want to reach – just as social media is doing now. Incredible, isn’t it?!

  2. I have to agree with you and Holly. I actually welcome the ads I see on my Facebook from a personal perspective as they are something I am interested in and want to know more about. It is a more personalized approach to marketing. Relating this to business this can only be a win.. win for the client and the business as you are addressing your clients needs, providing them with the timely information they want, and the business is potentially increasing their engagement and beginning a relationship with that client.

  3. We totally agree with your statements. Also, we encourage other social media platforms, to do the same as Facebook, in that way, we will have “win-win” situation in customer – companies relations.
    Good post – simple and specific!

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