COMM 0014: Blog#3-Target Audience

I am in the business of taking pictures and making people look great so I have the responsibility of always being professional and timely. In today’s society, visuals play a large part in promotion and advertising as people pursue certain careers such as modelling and/or acting. Others want their special day like their wedding, birthday or baby shower to look splendid and for future memories. Photography is a very competitive business and to come up on top you need to be unique and provide quality service as well as be creative in your approach. Taking necessary courses is paramount and can increase your skills and provide the knowledge that you need to better understand the art of photography.

Most of my target audience are trendy, fashionable males and female that enjoy being in front of the camera and are passionate about the arts. They are between the ages of 18 to 50 and enjoy the city life and are very adventurous. Most of them do have a college certificate and/or diploma and are single, looking to pursue a career that allows them to be creative and expressive. Some others do it for fun and therapy as it helps them to relax and helps ease their anxiety. I would also say that my target audience tend to be folks from the lower to middle class and their hobbies include being social and growing their online following. They tend to spend money of things of value and material possessions that enhances their appearance.

Some tools I use to promote myself as a photographer include Facebook groups and marketing on instagram. There are many aspiring performers that are always in need of new headshots and so I use these platforms to advertise. I also like to take street photography as seen in the above photos and this allows me to play around with different camera functions, editing and various angles. My main strategy is to post these photos to Instagram and Facebook and get some feedback from my target audience, which then allows me to improve as a visual artist. I have a passion for taking pictures as it allows me to capture moments that will last a lifetime for the clients and this gives me much satisfaction, to know I was responsible for such a significant event.

One thought on “COMM 0014: Blog#3-Target Audience

  1. Hi,
    You bring up good strategies of using social networks to market yourself which is very important to get exposure of today’s day and age of social media:)

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