Target Audience

The primary benefits and selling aspects of the product itself need to be listed first. 

The benefits and strengths of detoxification goods may be summed up as follows: quick detoxification; pure natural plant extracts; organic and natural; no side effects; safe and healthy. Let’s use detoxification products as an example.

Simply put, the ideal route to figure out which groups will experience the challenges and anxiety outlined above is to ask yourself questions. We can make assumptions about personality, age, education, region, hobbies, likes to browse the site, work, economic income, extracurricular activities, idol worship, etc. 

Age: At what age would women start to pay more attention to their bodies and physical health? The percentage of physically obese women should receive more attention, as well.

Income: Will women who only work to support themselves spend money on detoxifying products? Women with middle-class to upper-class incomes should have some extra cash on hand to spend on necessities of daily life. 

Hobby: What websites do women who are worried about their physical well-being prefer to visit? Should enjoy perusing the community of women who value beauty, following bloggers, reliable experts on social media or forums, etc.

Is there a connection between women’s location and their concern about detoxification, according to Region? First-tier and second-tier cities should be the focus of advertising because it has been demonstrated that women in developed cities are more concerned about their body form, mostly due to the distinct living environment and economic income. 

What is the personality of a woman who wants to detox? Hypothesis 5. Personality. These women tend to be more creative, enjoy researching information online, struggle with issues like social media or online communication, and frequently come up with their own solutions.

To determine whether their previous user group placement is true, whether they have addressed the majority of customers’ pain points, or what potential demands they may have that we have not yet identified and can be further addressed, we can employ user feedback. In order to develop the product and grow a more accurate user base, user feedback must be handled wisely.

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