Blog Post #7 – Personal Reflection

With this course coming to an end, I can say I’ve learned a lot. However, my greatest take away was learning how impactful story telling can be. It allows your audience to see a different side of you and allows them closer into your personal world or the world you create online. Storytelling can capture your viewers and allow them to see a more vulnerable side to the writer.

For myself I think my storytelling will be drawn from my life experiences. I want my audience to feel like they can relate to me and have a sneak peak into my everyday life. Since my brand is more directed to lifestyle and fashion my storytelling will be based on that but I’m willing to also make it fun. By telling story’s about my experiences within the fashion world down to providing them with details that happened within my day. Storytelling will allow my viewers to feel like they know me. Not all of me but at least a part of me. Another side to my storytelling  will be to encourage. When I started off in my field it was hard especially when I felt  and didn’t have anyone to relate to personally that I knew. I want to encourage my audience to see that if I can do it so can they.

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