COMM0014 – Assignment 1 Blog #5 – What is my Personal Brand?

Courtney Goldie travelling abroad. Photo by Nicoletta Gallagher.

Perfection. Thought-provoking. Authentic. Creative. Family. Travel.

Those are the pillars of my personal brand and for me, my personal brand overlaps between my personal and professional life. I would describe my personal brand as professional, responsible and well-done. Especially in a work setting, I strive to have the most complete, educated, and skilled work possible. I carry myself in a mature and dependable manner and always commit to something 100 percent.

I value personal growth, close relationships, and trust. I live through my values and hold others accountable to them.

I am on a constant journey of self-improvement – in my spare time I enjoy taking courses to improve my work. I also work with a counsellor monthly to make sure I am mentally as sharp as I can be. I try to push my mental boundaries for growth and development.

Another way I describe my personal brand is through my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as I find this to be a comprehensive way to understand myself and relate to others. My MBTI is Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging (ISTJ). To me and others who know me closely this is a simple way to define me. It was obvious to me before taking the MBTI test in university what my attributes would be.

Until next time,


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