COMM0014 – Blog # 7: What did I learn from all this?

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Throughout this course, we’ve covered so many new concepts. I did have a few key take-aways that will help me improve my writing and my storytelling. 

A few things that stuck with me 

Levels of readership: There are 4 levels of reader, ranging from those that simply skim, to those that can summarize your work. 

Inverted pyramid: This seems so simple but makes so much sense! Using a “hook” to reel in the readers and keep them engaged until the end. 

Assessing a target audience: Using demographics and psychographics, and what questions to gather that information. 

How to hone my writing: Making sure to tell the right story to the right audience.

Overall, the main thing I learned is that storytelling is the way to get people interested, to listen to or read through your content. A great story will get people hooked and interested in your brand or business, and keep them coming back for new content. You need to keep things personable and approachable, like most social media, instead of cold and one-sided, like old media. 

If I were to start a blog, I would tell lots of little anecdotes about myself. I would keep the writings on the shorter side to give readers that “get in, get out” sense. Be it a blog about fitness, baking, or just ramblings of my life, the blog would be full of successes AND failures. Showing both sides shows the reader you are human, and capable of error, but also shows that you are capable of accepting failure and moving forward regardless. I find that I am more than happy telling people about the good and the bad – it helps develop trust!

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