The Process of Hiring in New Age Social Media

One of the most important intersections between social media and employment is in the hiring process. It is here where there are great risks and rewards. Employers can use social media in two ways when hiring: to recruit candidates by publicly posting job openings and to do background checks to confirm a candidate’s qualifications for a position.

Before applying for a job you should make sure to keep your social media accounts somewhat professional. It is highly suggested to not delete everything you feel isn’t professional off your social media as that can cause some red flags for employers.

Every country has their own guidelines on what is legal when it comes to accessing applicant information during the hiring process. Depending on the country/province/state, it can be illegal to look up a candidate’s gender, age, race, religion, sexuality and plenty of other bits of information.

According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process, and about 43% of employers use social media to check on current employees. (Driver,2021)

About 47% of employers said they wouldn’t call a person for an interview if they can’t find them on social media. More than a quarter of employers say it’s because they like to gather more information before calling in a potential candidate, and 20% say it’s because they expect candidates to have an online presence.

 According to research by CareerBuilder from August 2018, here is what employers primarily look for when screening candidates on social media:

  • 58% – information that supports their job qualifications
  • 50% – if the candidate has a professional online persona
  • 34% – what others are saying about the candidate
  • 22% – reasons not to hire the candidate.

What are your thoughts of the hiring process with social media these days?

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2 thoughts on “The Process of Hiring in New Age Social Media

  1. this is an interesting post. I know we learned about maintaining a personal brand on social media but it’s interesting to see the stats from the employer’s perspective. For me, I also keep a habit with it comes to social media and work, and it’s never to accept a friend request from my manager. I would selectively accept requests from fellow colleagues or volunteers. But not my manager.

  2. Love the cartoon, Dreyden! LOL

    Interesting post. I’ve surprised myself at my reaction, but, from the survey, I think it’s unfair of employers (almost half of the respondents at that!) to *expect* applicants to have an online presence. I guess if a potential employer was to reject me for not having a presence, it’s probably not a place I would want to work at… 🙂

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