COMM0015 – Out Of The Box

The main thing that this program has really reiterated and reinforced for me is that social media is ALWAYS changing. Anyone who commits to working in this field will have to constantly educate themselves and learn new techniques and materials. Personally, I find that idea enticing. 

Where is social media applicable?

The short answer? Everywhere. Social media is no longer optional for businesses that want to thrive in 2021. Every business, entrepreneur, and brand needs to either learn social media skills or hire someone who has them. Instagram is the new Google search, and if your brand wants to be found, you have to be there and have an updated profile. 

Applications to make it easier?

The application that has done the absolute most for me when it comes to social media is Later. It’s a scheduling tool that also provides easy-to-digest analytics and tips. The website is more user-friendly, but they have a mobile app as well! From the website, I can schedule and caption my content, as well as tag other accounts, add hashtags, and set my location for the post. From that same website, I have access to helpful visual displays like this to show my progress with 

Screenshot taken from the Later dashboard

Later helps me to stay on-track with social media. I manage four business accounts and it can be overwhelming if I don’t stay on top of my game. Using scheduling software allows me to manage all four accounts within a manageable time-frame. This application has saved my digital life many times!

Overall, this program really helped me to hone my social media skills. While I had already been working in the field, having this formal education helped me to build confidence and work on refining my skills. Social media can be overwhelming, and I would recommend this program to anyone trying to figure it out!

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