COM0014 – Blog #7: Personal Reflection 

Thanks to this course, I have realized that storytelling is even more important to digital content than I had first figured. I always knew that storytelling was the main way that digital content from long blog posts to quick 140 character tweets, but this course showed me that there are so many different steps to ensure that the storytelling method is successful. If you do not choose the right style of storytelling, then your digital content will not be successful and not make a splash in the way your business wants. If you pick the right style of storytelling and do it effectively, then that can make a world of difference in regards to site traffic, sales and your target audience. 

I will keep my content consistent with what my business and I am. Business to Consumer (B2C) is the communication style I will be focusing on as my business is writing commissions. I will keep a personal touch to my promotions and interactions while ensuring that my clients feel as if they are talking to a professional, but also a real person. I want them to know that I am not a faceless company behind the words I write, but a person just like them. I will build current and potential relationships to the best of my abilities using personalized storytelling styles. 

I want to tell stories that make an impact on each person who reads them, no matter how small or large. I want them to come away from my writing feeling good, feeling as if they spent their time wisely and hopefully willing to return to my writing regularly. I want my stories and the emotions they bring out in people to bring them back for more via my writing commission business. 

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