COM0014 Blog # 7 – Personal Reflection

or corpora

For the last 24 years, I have been trying to entice readers to get past the first sentence, the first paragraph, through the entire article, news release or children’s book. Digital Communications has reinforced the importance of telling strong and interesting personal stories to achieve this goal.

No matter what the topic or issue is, or what message I am trying to convey, there are people impacted by it or involved in it somewhere along the way. If I can focus on those people and get readers to identify with them, my story will be more widely read and therefore, more effective. This will deliver the message to a wider audience, making the content more successful. Unless we tell exceptional stories that matters to people and get them to read beyond the first 10 words, they’ll never get to the heart of the content or message and the opportunity is lost.

This course has reinforced for me that it is important to create a story that makes people personally and emotionally care about what we are trying to say. If you’re lucky, after you’ve convinced people enough times that what you’re writing about is relevant, perhaps even important, you might be fortunate enough to develop a personal or corporate brand as a writer who has something to say. This is my goal: to show the people in my community that I write genuine content and real stories about the people and the issues around me.


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