My Top 2 Picks for Tools & Sources

Why Listen and Monitor?

Social media listening and monitoring is an excellent way to keep an eye on the competition, find new content ideas and keep up-to-date with current trends and news.

Top 2 Picks for Listening and Monitoring

  1. Facebook is my primary platform for social media content for my business since 90% of my customers have profiles.  It’s also where my competition is, so it is the perfect spot to find ideas for new content for my Facebook Page.  Our head office posts photos which we can use and news about new products and specials.  Searching Facebook gives me most of the information I need related to my products.  As for Monitoring, I also like to use the “Insights” tab on my Facebook Page and my blog stats.
  2. Tweetdeck is another source of information for me to keep track of my competition and to listen to what’s being said about my areas of interest.

Top 2 Picks for News and Updates

  1. Google Alerts is a great source of information.  I use keywords for my business and for social media news to set Google Alerts.  Each day, updates are delivered to my mailbox with all of the posts related to my business and quite often, I see some of my own.
  2. Feedly is one of my new favorites for finding blogs and influencers related to my interests or as they say “what matters to you”.  You can create categories and browse through content of unlimited sources of information in a very organized manner.

What are your tools and sources of choice?


2 thoughts on “My Top 2 Picks for Tools & Sources

  1. Hi Vicky — I think you and I are the only people enrolled?? I guess we will soon discover that. I agree with you about the value of Facebook. For me, it is a great source. I have joined groups that I think are beneficial to me. I did not know about Tweetdeck and I will be checking that out to see how it works.

    I didn’t know there was a google alerts function. I have used google maps and google scholar. I will be investigating that as well. Feedly sounds great. Arggg — will I ever know them all. On the other hand, I guess I don’t have to – that is the advantage of networking and I will be adding all your recommendations to my social media toolbox. Thanks for the sites.


  2. I like TweetDeck because you can setup up columns to search keywords and all posts related to your keyword will be listed. it’s a helpful tool.

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