COM0014 Blog # 5 – Personal Brand

I am a mother who talks the talk and walks the walk. Case-in-point: I wanted children in my community to have access to the same cooking lessons that I provided for my son. I planned to offer these in my home, but when my son started school, I saw the existing kitchen and lobby space and knew it was a perfect fit with a captive audience. Bingo! I approached the school principal, found funding, and launched the program. Instead of letting a great idea wilt on the sidelines, I made it happen. This is what separates me from my competitors: I don’t shy away from hard work or long hours and I do it on a volunteer basis.

Called the Mamaqtuq Nanook Cooking Club, the program has developed a solid reputation of success in just three years. We’ve had ample traditional and social media coverage, and were recently selected to present Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla with flowers. It means the world to me that my club was selected to be part of an official international event. I’ve also recently been offered a book deal to produce a cookbook.

If you were to ask my colleagues what my best trait is they would likely say I am resilient and don’t let obstacles stop me. I always find a way around the hurdles.

I’ve accomplished many things in my lifetime, but I am most proud of the things I have done since becoming a mother. My son fills me with ambition and drive: everything I do is for him. The programs I run, the books I write, the money I earn, the trips we take: everything is meant to provide him with the skills he needs to become a loving, successful person.


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