COM0014 – Blog #2 – Seat down, here comes the story…

When I was a child, I used to watch a lot of TV shows for kids. But I clearly remember, that the ones I enjoyed the most, were the ones that would tell a story.

There was this show, called Rá Tim Bum, which had a line that said: “Seat down, Here comes the Story”, well, that would really grab my attention and make me feel anxious about what was about to come. I would scream with happiness and excitement every time I heard that announcement.

senta que la vem

So, when you tell a story, you grab people’s attention, you involve, engage and even influence them. Have you ever wondered why people love stories? Because on some level, they see themselves in the narrative, or maybe, it is a form of social glue that brings people together around common values.

The good thing about conveying messages today is that there are many ways you can do it. It is not only about writing. It’s about being creative enough, to make use of all the available tools that we have and know your audience well in order to transmit an engaging message.

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