COMM0014 – BLOG 3: A Community of Left Turns and Beer Drinkers

I am a NASCAR fan.

Right away I know most of you associate NASCAR with left turns and American rednecks. I hate to break it to you, but sadly that is an overused stereotype. Sure, you have some NASCAR fans that drink beer and have a southern accent, but there are core values in the sport that many fans hold close to their heart.

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NASCAR has always been a family sport. From drivers to teams and now fans, the organization continues to push the family dynamic. A race is no longer a ‘guys weekend’ but rather a family experience with a large focus on kid’s activities. In 2016 NASCAR announced that all children under the age of 12 would be free to Xfinity and Truck races, a huge cost saving for families.

Staying true to their roots over time is why the NASCAR fan base is so loyal. Despite, many obstacles in their path fans still follow the sport week in and out. Although many fans only attend a race or two a year, staying active on social media is the way to engage with the NASCAR community. By using the race weekend hashtag or simply #NASCAR, you can connect instantly to thousands of fans via Twitter.

Although the NASCAR community seems unique, it is just like any other consumer market. This group of individuals have specific interests, you just need to learn what those are. Personally, I recommend starting on social media. That place can work wonders.


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One thought on “COMM0014 – BLOG 3: A Community of Left Turns and Beer Drinkers

  1. I realize Formula 1 is different from Nascar but I thought you may also be a fan. This article came up in one of my Google Alerts so I thought I would share it with you since using live feed is a great way to engage target audiences.

    One of the paragraphs reads as follows, “Pre-season testing saw the sport’s new owners begin to relax rules about posting content to social media – where previously all forms of video content had been banned for all barring the fee-paying broadcasters, from February this year teams and drivers have been encouraged to produce Snapchats, Facebook Live feeds, and Instagram Stories from the paddock, giving fans glimpses of life behind the scenes in F1.”

    How does Nascar feel about Facebook Live feeds and Instagram Stories, etc?

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