Introducing Our New Fur Friend

My three roommates went on a little road trip last week to Niagara Falls. When they returned they had brought home a new furry roommate. At first I wasn’t too pleased with their spur of the moment decision to buy a kitten, especially since the last time they brought home a kitten our adult cat was not friendly towards it and they eventually gave the kitten away. How this was going to be any different I’m not sure.

Years ago when my mom brought home a new kitten our family cat got so angry he never came home when we let him outside. So I was nervous that would happen to my roommates cat. So this time I googled suggestions for introducing a new kitten to the family cat and read that it’s best to keep the cats in separate rooms so they get used to the smell of each other. It’s now been eight days, the new kitten is hiding INSIDE the couch and our cat will not stop hissing and growling at it. The kitten wandered upstairs once and only once and our cat went berserk and chased him back downstairs. He has not been up since..14614456_10154077457226523_306156613_o

We have managed to get the kitten out of the couch a few times to eat, but the minute you stand near him he bolts back into the couch. He’s a very sweet kitten and he loves when you pet him but if he thinks you’re going to pick him up he get scared. If hes walking around the basement and hears someone coming down the stairs he runs and hide. We’re not sure what else we can do. If anyone has any suggestions or has gone through the same experience I would love to hear about it. I’m pretty concerned about this kitten, more so than it’s actual owner..

One thought on “Introducing Our New Fur Friend

  1. First of all, I’m so sorry you’re having such a stressful time integrating these two kits. It shouldn’t be that hard! Your kitten looks a bit older – 4-5 months maybe – but still shouldn’t be perceived as such a threat to your older cat. I think at this point a) consult a vet and b) don’t let the kitten or cat have places to hide. They need to spend some time together in the same room with their associated humans. You guys just sit and do your thing and let the cats simply ~be~ and realize that all is well. The more you relax the more they will relax. I promise. I have never taken more than 3 days to perfectly integrate existing cats and kittens and my MO has always simply to be present and calm and let the kits sort things out. I don’t know if this helps. You left out some information about designated spaces for the cats to eat, use litter etc. that would be helpful too.

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