Adventures in Fostering Cats

After seeing a blog from another student about making her adorable cat an Instagram star, I was giving some thought to my own situation and looking at my Twitter and Instagram account. It appears that I’ve taken over my feeds with comments about these wonderful little cats that I’m fostering. I’m likely driving people nuts.

I’ve recently started fostering, and I’m posting proud “parent” pictures of the cats like they are my own. These little critters deserve a good home, and for whatever reason they’ve been turned out by their owner or they’ve been born into feral colonies. In any case, these cats should have a nice, warm, loving home if that’s what they want.

My first foster, Marcel, was a happy-go-lucky six month old kitten that I fell for. Maybe the foster organization wanted to ease me into the idea of fostering or perhaps they wanted me to adopt him, but it was an extremely tough decision to let him go. Marcel was hilarious and incredibly adorable. I now regret giving him up and I hope he’s in a happy home where his personality can thrive.

Last week, I took in two new fosters, one feral male cat, who I was told wasn’t happy about being feral, and another female who was a bit shy at first, but is now not afraid to tell you anything, and will take every opportunity to do so.

The feral cat didn’t last long. The poor little guy was not a good fit with the other one. She’s too opinionated! We had to find another foster situation where he could integrate better. I get updates as to his progress.

Little missy has totally come out of her shell and is acting like a spoiled princess – I spoil them all. The poor thing might get a wakeup call in her forever home!


Chatty little Greta 

I am so happy to make the decision to foster cats. They all need some love and are so appreciative when they get it. I expect this will be my life for the foreseeable future.  It really is hard to not adopt them all!

I encourage all of you to consider fostering animals. If you have the space, give them some semblance of a decent life, away from the kennel!

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