COM0014 Always looking forward to a positive outcome

Blog Number 5

Personal Brand

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  1. What are some personal qualities or characteristics that set you apart from your competitors?

In the finance/credit counselling industry many times competitors, focus on the product and sales units opposed to the importance of educating and teaching the client how to improve themselves. I see an opportunity to help educate, create new thoughts, new pathways, and new habits and help the customer be their own success. Every customer has a unique perspective on what budget techniques will work for them. Selling the same budget plan to each customer will not help everyone adequately. I create unique individual plans for each person, couple, or family (including children). It’s not a fancy savings account that helps people save and budget, it’s knowledge, practice, motivation and planning that will create simple, successful, financial habits. What sets me aside? – teaching vs selling.

Lets Talk2.  What have you done to make you stand out?

I talk a lot about customer discoveries instead of meetings or appointments. In the end, by the time the first hour is up with my client, the client has done most of the talking, and discovering. In our discovery meetings they- the customer really participates in their own plan and outline, that will become their success. Very awesome discoveries from the clients themselves – often they can’t believe what they are saying, and want to plan!

  1. What would your colleagues say is your best trait?

People often say I always have the most positive solutions to the hardest problems. If there is a piece of the puzzle     missing, let’s find it, create it, or let’s learn to work without it!

Puzzle Pieces





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