COM0014 Growing up on the 3rd Line

Blog 6  – COM0014

What about your childhood shaped you for this moment?

Waking up to the smell of my Mothers French Toast and Sunny Side UP Eggs, dressing in warm clothes from the laundry, and outside I would go to help my Father early in the morning. Gardening, tending to all the flower and vegetable gardens, planting weeding, cleaning out the rabbit hutches, and helping to clear the forest paths. These were my tasks on the 3rd Line, smiling and loving being outside with my Dad.

Each day in the early summer my Father would tend to the Fruit Trees, large vegetable gardens, repairing, fixing, creBunniesating, enjoying. We would have the most delicious food all summer, and in fall lots of pumpkins and squash to last until Christmas. So much happiness is generated from these memories. Simple, Connections, in our Home.

These memories helped create the foundation of my passion to teach people the appreciation and fulfilling qualities simple outdoor activities can have on our overall well being. Furthermore, these outdoor activities are usually very cost effective on our wallet. Many outdoor activities that I encourage my clients to start again for their well being are:

  1. Walking and Hiking, start with a simple neighbourhood walk, then start planning in other nature trails
  2. Gardening, can be as simple as 5 pots of herbs or flowers
  3. Biking, find new areas and trails to explore
  4. Plan a picnic at a Grandriver Conservation area or local Arboretum
  5. Plan to attend an outdoor Festival, fresh air, food, entertainment, artisans, funky jewelry, new perspectivesArt in the Yard

Simple activities can been planned at home, in your neighbourhood, in you community, with home cooked food, uplifting activities, and gatherings outside. You will build a wealth of happiness and memories that will always enrich your life no matter how dark the path can get. Simple -Connections – from my childhood created my foundation for my Credit Counselling Platform, Simple – Connections – @Home.

Time to make some plans!


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