My Introverted Story!

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Blog # 6

If I told a colleague that I am an introvert, they would laugh at me. They may even call me a liar! Probably, they would shoot back a sarcastic response like, “Yeah right!”

You see, I live a very public life as someone who spent more than a decade in radio and television, and the past sixteen-plus years working in public relations for a community college. But growing up as the fourth of five children in a middle class home, my childhood was about blending in, rather that being up front. When you are fourth on the pecking order, the older siblings tend to do the talking and you spend more time listening.

So, how do you convince people that you actually still carry some of that childhood timidity, when others are used to seeing a regular dose of you in the local newspaper or on television? Not exactly the image of a “shy guy!”

Media Scrum

The reality is I have made a living out of communicating with people, but that doesn’t mean that I am always comfortable with taking centre stage. At times I am an introvert, and happy to be in the background, but people rarely see that side of me.

Butler Cheque Donation

Why, because in the world of public opinion, my public life has overpowered my private life. Even if the people that know me best talked about my more passive side, they too would have a tough time selling it to others that connect me with broadcasting, public speaking and fundraising activities that garner a lot of community attention.

Try as I may, people just don’t buy it that at one time I was introverted, and at times I still am. Perhaps this blog will be the starting point of my communications strategy to change public opinion.

One thought on “My Introverted Story!

  1. Hahaha…liar, liar. I am pulling your leg. I believe that we can all very different as soon as your time card is punched.

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