COM0015-Strong & Weak Organizations

I have recently been spending a lot of time researching different electronic companies for school projects and noticed something very surprising…Apple does not have an official twitter page!!!( and no i’m not talking about the fruit!). This is very surprising as Apple is known to be extremely popular with the younger audience that would spend a lot of time on social media websites like Twitter. You could argue that Apple is doing extremely well and does not need social media, and while I could not argue that they are very successful, I also believe that social media could still help them. Apple could benefit from Twitter even if they just use it for announcements on new products or their software updates that now seem to happen weekly. There is a twitter page with the name “AppleNews” but it is not an official Apple source so i’m not sure who it even is that is sending out these tweets, although the information does seem legit. Social media will not change the future of Apple but it could make it much easier for them to communicate with a large crowd.

Enough of the bad, lets focus on the good. Let me just start off by saying that Sony has 1.5 million followers…..1.5million!  There are 10’s of thousands of discussion each day that mention Sony and they use this to create better services and products as it is an easy way to see what the customer wants. If you have a question for Sony, or if you just want to check out a new product they have, all you have to do is like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter or even watch a video on their YouTube channel.

Another company that is taking advantage of the new world of social media just the way that Sony is, would be Samsung. Samsung even has more than one Twitter , one for Canada and one for their mobile devices. Samsung’ phones are becoming more and more popular and that is easy to see as they have over 6 million followers on the SamsungMobile page. Samsung and Sony have very similar aspirations and they are using social media as much as they can to achieve their goals, and boy is it ever working!  Pay close attention Apple!

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