COMM0014 – Blog Post 5 – Personal Brand

While applying for a new job recently, I was asked to create an “about me” page.  The first thing that came into my mind for the headline was, “Extremely fun to work with” !

In looking back, I truly believe this is my strongest asset. My former colleagues might not consider me the best in class when it comes to expertise or skills (I’m on top anyway 🙂 but they certainly know that I am fun to work with. My clients will most certainly recommend me for my skills and expertise, but more so for my friendly persona, my honesty and openness, and for putting my heart into their projects. (More tips about a winning personal brand at

The thing that I’m the most proud of in my current job is managing to bring the social media (Facebook mostly) to a level where we are not just selling anymore, but sharing our ideas, our designs, our partners and gurus in the industry that we admire. We finally acknowledge that we are not the best in the world in floral design and that’s perfectly acceptable. We are human and want to bring that personal touch and sense of fun to each of our clients so they can know us and not just what we can do for them. This will bring them back to us more surely than bragging about being the best.

Also, after dealing with a lot of criticism, I’ve been able to have on our website, a video section with tutorials about floral design (like in Maria’s case). For the first time in 15 years, we are designing our own website with our own pictures and products, not like the ones most florists in town have (same website platform and layout bought from a floral wire service company).

I totally agree with “corporate and personal branding can live independently of one another, but it’s when the two are combined in harmony that the true power of extending a brand comes to life”. That’s me! You may laugh now!!!

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