Blog post#3: Who are you?

Corporatizing the individual

Do I need a personal branding strategy?  According to what I’ve read online, apparently I do and so does everyone else.  It would seem that after not being social media savvy, not having a personal brand strategy might be the second most shameful thing one can admit to.  It’s like a fashion faux pas.

So why is developing a personal brand strategy so important? From what I have read so far, it seems that the process of developing a brand has a number of positive outcomes.  For starters, it allows you to do some self-discovery, to unravel your unique talents and gifts.  It also allows you to articulate the impact you want to have and the difference you want to make in the world.  Pretty powerful stuff.

There is a downside however.  This process requires a significant investment of time.  As anyone who has ever been involved in a corporate strategic planning or branding process can tell you, this is not something you can pump out on a Friday afternoon before leaving for the weekend.  It is also not something you can do once and for all. It’s ongoing (that’s why there are “re-branding” processes!).  It also requires time to implement and follow through on.

A common recommendation online is that if you don’t have the time to develop your personal branding strategy, find someone who can do it for you (hmmm, I wonder where this is going… first a strategist, then a stylist, then a photographer, then maybe a publicist… in a few years will I need a whole entourage to maintain my Facebook page!?! ).  A quick online search for personal branding consultants in Ottawa revealed a list that was much shorter than I expected.  It did however give me a few examples of what a “personal brand” can look like on the new web 2.0.  Check out Joelle Hamilton’s page:

Anyone else find good examples of a personal brand?

One thought on “Blog post#3: Who are you?

  1. There’s definitely a bias here, but try
    It’s ironic given that his mother has no clue where to even start the branding process. In his case, I have referred to it as a “brandoning” process.
    I believe it’s a trait of first-born children to be comfortable with the “Braggadocian Behaviour” and bearing narcissistic tendencies

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