Blog #4-B2C Case Study- REDBULL

RedBull, in my opinion, does an excellent job at marketing and promoting their product online and I am highly impressed with the amount of engagement they receive from fans everywhere. At the moment, they take the spot for the number one energy drink in the world and by far one of the most successful brands in their sector. They are a unique company and are continuing to grow their online presence through intelligent and creative marketing techniques that has the ability to instantly capture one’s attention.

As you may already know, RedBull as a company invests heavily into promoting extreme sports, mostly though though YouTube, Instagram and their Tik-Tok social media pages. Using GoPro, they produce and film the most stunning videos that can quickly gain the interest of an audience. I personally enjoy watching their content and have grown to love the brand and appreciate all the work they put into making me feel entertained. Sales have skyrocketd throughout the years and the brand’s reputation have improved greatly, giving them much needed leverage to position themselves as number one in the energy drinks category.

RedBull’s approach to marketing is clearly working for them and I admire the quality interactions they receive online. Many fans around the world enjoy extreme sports and follow the company’s social media pages to be entertained. Likes, comments and views are in high numbers from what I have seen so far and the brand’s image is definitely getting better. Even though they are in a competitive sector, the company has made a name for itself, establishing them as one of the leaders in effective product marketing. I would suggest you follow them on social media and I promise you will be amazed at the content they post and the bravery of the athletes who perfrom the various stunts.

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