Tesla Case Study

Influenced by the new media and social media, the traditional advertising industry is now experiencing great problems and is also subject to the impact of the Netflix economy. With the development of Internet and mobile Internet, traditional enterprises reduce the advertising of traditional media.

Tesla is actually pursuing the ultimate user experience as the center, like Apple, the hardware and software will be seamless, creating the ultimate driving experience beyond user expectations, interaction designers and industrial designers play a very important role in it.

Tesla’s direct-to-consumer sales model, which omits dealers and allows customers to purchase cars directly from Tesla’s official website rather than through third-party franchised dealers, directly affects the rules of the auto industry but also saves money, boosts productivity, enhances the customer experience, and makes it possible to provide customised services.

On Tesla’s official website, there is an area for enthusiasts, with blogs, user stories, and forums, pictures and videos, and notices of activities. Through the official blogs, the latest developments of the company are released, user stories allow real users to show their experiences, pictures and videos show every detail for users to feel, activities are mainly for users to experience offline, and forums allow users to discuss and exchange their experiences and problems in use, and the official can also give solutions to users on them.

The innovative marketing model of disruptive business, whether in terms of sales, profits, word of mouth or brand influence, has unexpectedly achieved great success. And this is based on Tesla in the new market, new consumption, new demand background, has been using innovative ways to create brand differentiation marketing cognition, to create a brand halo effect that belongs exclusively to their own, which is the unique innovation of Tesla from the beginning of its birth, development so far in marketing.

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