COM0011 – Blog #1 – The Tools Behind Successful Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram, everyone’s favourite Social Media Platform. Over the past 6 months, I have had the experience of managing a Social Media account for a real estate agent, and that is where I felt I excelled the most. Even though social media is forever changing, the backbone of a successful account is the overall message, theme and consistency for posting. Here are a few external tools that I found that made time management a little bit easier.

Scheduling With

When freelancing, having multiple clients, and a busy schedule outside of work, can and will be an obstacle you can not avoid. Scheduling with allows you to upload media to the library and create a calendar with timeslots. also allows you to manage 5 social media accounts with, up to 5 separate accounts.

(screenshot of my schedule)

Adobe Creative Cloud

The use of Adobe Creative Cloud Applications, was definitely my best friend for creating templates during my experience. Photoshop and Illustrator were the best for layout designs. All throughout highschool, these programs were my favourite thing to explore. I used Illustrator more for the graphic side of my designs, and used photoshop for layouts.

(screenshot of iPad Adobe programs.)

Freepik (Free images)

Freepik was a great free tool that I used over the internship period for when I was stuck with design ideas. Freepik has everything from backgrounds, mockups and even text effects. On the free version up got up to 10 downloads a day.

(screenshot of freepik cover page)

My experience with these apps, made managing one social media account 10 times easier. was my absolute favourite, as time management is not always the greatest when working full time, post secondary and chasing my dreams of becoming a Social Media Manager one day!

What are your favourite Social Media tools that you like to use?

2 thoughts on “COM0011 – Blog #1 – The Tools Behind Successful Instagram Marketing Strategies

  1. This blog is highly informative. I am not currently working in this industry, but I believe that this apps will be very helpful in getting me started.

  2. I found your blog to be very interesting and also an indication of where marketing is going in 2022 and beyond. Social media has definitely transformed into so much more than just a means for family and friends to keep in touch. Love it!!!

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