Hobbies that keep me occupied and the goal to monetize them.

Let me first start off by introducing myself and talk about who am I. My name is Gerald Dwayne De Mendonca and I currently reside in Toronto. I am originally from Guyana, South America (a great place to visit by the way) and I am an avid reader. To date I have read about 70 books, mostly on business, psychology, religion, art and social media. Everyday I wake up is a blessing and another chance to keep pursuing my dreams. My hope is that this social marketing program will lead me to a great and fulfilled career path and provide a better future for me.

On the waterfront with my camera

I do, on the other hand, have quite a few hobbies that I would love to monetize once I get more training and experience. Recently though, social has been one of them and I would like to be more educated in the field hence what I signed up for this program. My goal after completing the program would be to get an entry-level position at a marketing firm or an internship to grow my skills and build my resume. My other hobbies include writing, photography/videography and editing. I am looking forward to combine all of them in the social media field of work because I believe the more skilled you are makes for a better chance for employment.

A topic I enjoy reading

I consider myself creative and full of hope and energy and aspire to be able to work from anywhere in the world, of course, doing social media. This would give me the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures and with my ambitious nature I am quite positive that I can make this happen. I am really and truly focused on attaining a better life for myself and to become financially stable as well. I take nothing for granted and wake up each day with a grateful heart. Social media is the future and I will take this opportunity to acquire as much knowledge as I can in order to create the life I deserve. How passionate are you about social media? Would you love to work from anywhere in the world as well? What other skills do you have that can complement social media?

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