Out of the Box


When I had my business a few years ago, it was so difficult to figure out shipping and getting a label system through Canada Post I gave up and only sold my products locally.

I did some research on how I could get this done for the least cost for me and my customers and this is when I came across a few different apps. The main one that I liked was Poshmark, the concept is quite simple. You make a profile and then you can start selling. Poshmark adds the shipping as well, so when someone is buying your products, they will see the total with the shipping costs added. All you have to do is print the premade label that the app generates for you, package your product and take it to the Post Office or schedule a time for them to pick it up at your house and you’re done.


To start you need to install the App on whatever device you are working from, then you are shown the section where you can add your products, this is called your “Closet”. The second step is to put in all the information about the product. For example, if it is new or lightly used, what are the product colors and then your price that you are selling the item for. One of the perks of this, is that all the information is there for you, you just fill in the blanks. When you are ready, you click share my closet and you are in business. Easy right?

When selling with Poshmark try and make the packaging really nice and add a special thank you note or stickers. Presentation is key. This brings back repeated customers. You want to do something that catches the buyers attention.

Now this is how Poshmark makes their money. I think it is reasonable considering you don’t have to have your own website and you don’t have to worry about shipping costs. Believe me it takes a lot of stress off the seller.

Here is the run down on how they take their percentage.

“What are the fees for selling on Poshmark? Our fees are very simple and straightforward. For all sales under C$20, Poshmark takes a flat commission of C$3.95. For sales of C$20 or more, you keep 80% of your sale and Poshmark’s commission is 20%.” This is right off of the site. (Referenced below). It is off the customer support page.

There are a few more apps that are close to the same, but I am just focusing on the one I really enjoy.


POSHMARK. Brand Spotlight. 2022. [Website]. https://bit.ly/3KvISwy

POSHMARK. Customer Support. What are the fees for selling on Poshmark. 2022. [Website] https://bit.ly/3KvONlg

Now that we are finished our course, I wish all of you the best of luck in the future.

One thought on “Out of the Box

  1. I’ve used Poshmark. It was super easy and I was very happy with the experience. I really like that you made the packaging pretty and used a card to enhance buyer’s experience. I’m glad that you found a solution to your problem.

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