Blog Post #7: My Personal Reflection

This course has allowed me to see the importance of knowing who you want to reach when creating social media content- their age, their interests, their lifestyles and more. Confidently identifying a target audience throughout this course was a little challenging for me but I am now more comfortable at coming up with useful information. 

I learned that having a personal brand that isn’t necessarily overly polished will potentially convey more authenticity than not. Another takeaway from this course was the work on our personal brands and trying to describe it – I think in general, I don’t often self reflect on my personal brand (let alone “brag” about my qualities or even ask others about their perception of me.

Lastly, I learned that the story you tell is important but the way you tell it is even more crucial. In this day and age of social media, the average person doesn’t have a long attention span and so you need to capture their attention with precise, concise and relevant content – it will take some trial and error and continuous tweaking before getting your social media strategy can become very effective.

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