Blog #4 – Out Of The Box

After exploring so many different tools over the duration of this course, I still find Hootsuite the most useful tool that I use regularly. Being able to schedule, respond, listen, and gauge what works, all from one platform makes a lot of sense to me – especially when running social media platforms for several different companies at the same time. I also like that Hootsuite has kept up with the times, and this week, they updated their user interface, which allows a user to gain even more insight into their social media analytics.

I have also dug deeper into Google Alerts, which sends me keyword information directly to my inbox. As I have expanded the reach of my business globally, finding keyword information has helped determine my hashtag selection, and helped with my SEO on my websites.

Overall, I believe that the tools are secondary to understanding the information, and I think finding tools that allow a user to easily digest the information is the most important. Since we all have different learning styles, and process information differently, when a person finds a social media monitoring tool that works for them, they can unlock the potential reach, and effectiveness of their message.

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