COM0014 – Blog #1: What I Did On My Last Vacation

Man, oh man  I would love to go back in time to when life was simpler. When it did not feel like a lot of work just to travel. My last vacation was in 2019 right before our world flipped upside down due to Covid-19. It was our annual girls trip that me and my five closest friends plan every year. We have been planning these trips every year since we graduated from high school. While preparing for any of our annual girls trips, we make sure to create a detailed itinerary so that we know what restaurants we want to attend and excursions.

The entire trip was filled with laughter and fond memories. We started off our week with relaxing on the beach and scoping out the resort. Halfway through the week we had already attended multiple pool parties and resort events. We spent a total of 10 days relaxing and bonding. During our annual girl’s trips, we also set aside time to talk about our goals and ambitions. Our trips are a tradition I look forward to every year however with not being able to travel due to Covid I feel like I have been in withdrawal. Nevertheless, I hope this tradition is something we can continue for years to come.

Let me know below, do you and your friends have anything you do annually that keeps you bonded?

Can wait to hear your responses.

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