My last vacation

My last vacation 

My last vacation was my first time on a plane, as a family we don’t do much traveling but my mom is originally from Newfoundland so my sister mom and I decided to travel to Newfoundland for 6 days. The first day there we went to Cape St Mary’s Reserve. The view of the ocean was mind blowing and we witnessed over one thousand puffins. On the way back from Cape St Marys we stopped and explored different beaches, lookouts and twisty roads. The second day in Newfoundland we went to Signal Hill and viewed all of Newfoundland from the highest point. We saw lighthouses, toured and visited the gift shops. The third day we visited downtown, saw the jelly bean row housing and dined at one of Newfoundland’s finest pubs. On the fourth day we went to Middle Cove beach. Instead of sand its pebbles. The water and hills are beautiful. On our last day there we visited my mom’s old friend. He builds and re models old cars so we got to see some old Ford cars. And experience some classic Newfoundland weather rain and strong winds. The last day we flew back home wishing I could have stayed a little longer in Newfoundland.

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