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I signed up for an online workshop through Eventbrite called “Conquer Overthinking and Make Lasting Changes”. The workshop was to be facilitated by Lise Magon, an “author, coach, speaker and facilitator” based in Sydney, Australia, and was scheduled for March 3, 2022. Due to the time difference, it was scheduled to start here at 2 a.m.

However, the dog ate my homework…or in this case, after it occurred to me that my basic internet package only covers 10 mbps uploading and 25 mbps downloading, I didn’t think I would have enough computer speed for a multi-participant Zoom meeting and therefore decided not to participate.

Instead, I viewed a LinkedIn Learning video (free with a Hamilton Public Library card) from September, 2020, entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Professional Networking”.  This video was produced by Madecraft and was presented by Dana Robinson, an attorney and entrepreneur. According to Dana’s LinkedIn profile, he is also co-host of the “Opt Out Life” podcast, and author of “Opt Out. Rethink Success. Reinvent Rich. Realize the Life You Want”.   Dana is a LinkedIn Learning instructor with seven courses on business and intellectual property.  

Name the event with a link and explain why you chose this course. I chose this course primarily because I was attracted by the title. I received a Certificate of Completion for viewing the video. In Hamilton, LinkedIn Learning courses are free to anyone who has a library card with the Hamilton Public Library system and I’m sure it’s the same in other cities.

What ideas have you walked away with?

Why network? 

Today’s networking is about building real relationships that will last a lifetime.  It’s about putting yourself into positive situations where sparks of opportunity might ignite new movements for you. Your network will consist of future partners, new employers, possible clients, mentors, and more”.  Dana’s basic premise is that a network should be there to carry you through new jobs or career changes, or self-employment if that’s in your future.

Where to look for networking opportunities? 

Networking is simply about being where your tribe (your largest network; the broad connection you have with people professionally and anyone that shares aims and beliefs with you) is.  It could be at an annual trade show in your industry or in small groups on Facebook and LinkedIn or on  Attend a Lobbycon, “a phenomenon that occurs after a convention, when official convention space has closed but convention goers hang out in the hotel lobbies (or bars) to socialize before they head home”.

Advice for introverts?

Introverts can find it easy to avoid networking because it gets them way out of their comfort zone. However, the process will get easier with practice. One tip is to prepare some conversation starters – ask what someone does professionally, ask about challenges they face or about recent trends in the business. Don’t get stuck with one person, unless that person is going to take you around and introduce you to everybody. If you are new to networking, be honest about your newness. Remember you want to learn about the person you’re talking to, you’re not trying to impress them. You’re trying to engage.

A quote from the course:

“The kind of networking that lasts a lifetime is based on genuine human connection”.

Will you take similar courses again in the future? Explain why.  Yes, I would because I am passionate about expanding my knowledge and keeping up with current trends in many different areas. I liked being able to add courses that I have completed to my Resumé because they illustrate that I am committed to continuing education.


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