Blog post # 4 Amazon Case study B2C Study. COM0014 

For my case study I used Amazon, they’re active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and many more. As much as they’re a large and growing industry I feel like they aren’t using social media as well as they could, from looking through their comment sections on Instagram and or Twitter, they’re mostly complaints about Prime or their bad experience ordering something, their comment section has almost turned into another customer service area just without them actually responding. Although it does make Amazon look unprofessional it’s mostly just the random occurrence someone had a bad experience with their order, most of the time people are pleased with their experiences. Amazon uses Twitter to connect with people who have bought off their services with a response that should put a smile on the user’s face, Amazon uses Instagram to promote itself with posts that include items they’re offering, they don’t really respond to customers in the comment section also. I think in a way, Amazon doesn’t have a set marketing strategy, therefore, it’s resulting in a, not as professional look, even if they do have an approach they’re trying to use and or make work it shows that it isn’t.

Amazon needs to gather a more well-put-together social media management team and connect it with customer service since most of the comments are people looking for help. I also think that they could create a more eye-appealing Instagram feed which could help bring people’s interest back to Amazon possibly? At the moment the feed is too jumbled up and isn’t appealing for a new customer. I think with some changes Amazon’s social media presence could be much better than it is at the moment, it looks like a mess today.

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