COM-0015 Blog #2: Social Media Strategies-When You Know You Are Doing it Right!

Written by: Christi Bouchard Howden (Marketing Specialist)

All images sourced by Canva

When it comes to marketing, some companies really have got their strategy nailed down, while others seem to struggle or even avoid trying to get their brand out there. Take luxury care maker Lamborghini for example when they claimed they don’t advertise on television because their audience doesn’t sit around watching tv. They know exactly where their resources will make the biggest impact and how to get the attention of their future clients.

With businesses venturing online, it only seems to make sense to have a presence where your sales leads are. More and more people, are spending their time online, there is no doubt about it! Having a digital marketing plan in place while using social media platforms is how companies will get the largest reach for their marketing budget.

Want to know how to tell if you’ve got it right online? Take a look to see which two companies are hitting the mark with their social media strategies and which company seems to fall short.

How Wendy’s Wins

Fast food industry giant, Wendy’s, knows how to win. They are right on point with their delicious food menu options, however how they get that menu across to hungry customers using social media, is just as genius. Wendy’s is notorious for their social media campaigns using Facebook and Twitter. They stay on trend with their audience and even released a spin the famous TikTok “Hot Girl Summer” fad, creating a post on National Burger Day for “Hot Grill Summer.” They have targeting an audience down to an art and by keeping with the trends they stay on top of the digital marketing game.

Wendy’s has also been known to be pull some playful punches with their rival competitors with roasts online. By using both Facebook and Twitter, they have sent out targeted messages directed at the competition. One tweet that was obviously pointing the finger at McDonald’s, joked about their ice cream machine always being broken. Clever pitch, that followers loved! Once again keeping on trend, and keeping their demographic target in mind, Wendy’s keeps on winning.

Keeping connected with their followers is another strategic move in their social media plan. This helps build trust with their customers and develop a brand that is authentic. When a client complains, you can be sure they respond. It’s not just the negative comments they comment on. There have been instances of customers raving about great customer service, and the restaurant will inquire which location to ensure the staff get the credit they deserve.

Airbnb a Social Experience

Airbnb is another brand that has the whole social media concept mastered. This booking company that hosts travelers in unique accommodations across the globe takes a different approach in their marketing. Remember when the term FOMO came out? Airbnb gives the term fear of missing out a whole new meaning! In 2016 Airbnb launched the “Experiences” campaign, giving Instagram followers plenty of gorgeous and dream worthy vacation photos and captions. They created the vision of the perfect getaway and used social media platforms to lure people into booking their dream getaways. They became masters of giving their audience what they wanted to see in a picture and made them feel like they needed to go there. They post photos of families playing together and having the time of their lives, or palm dreams with hammocks swaying in the breeze by the ocean to rid yourself of everyday stresses. The message is clear-you need to get away and live the life the image is portraying. Not only did their campaign speak to travelers looking for authentic and diverse locations, it also captured the attention of those wanting to rent out their own little havens of paradise for a little bit of extra revenue.

While many would think Airbnb would fizzle out during the pandemic, they proved us wrong and took their “Experiences” campaign and moved it a little closer to where everyone would be-you guessed it…online. Through YouTube and other platforms, “Experiences Online” brought the experience of being somewhere else right to you. The opportunities for experiences were endless and they could all be experienced form the comfort of your couch. Airbnb recognized that people needed connection adventure more than ever during this trying time and delivered their message in their unique fashion.

With the onset of COVID this company also provided several healthcare and frontline workers with accommodations and documented it with their #frontlinestays campaign. Airbnb acted fast and without hesitation proving they stay on top of trends (as awful as this situation was) and delivered in a heartwarming and generous way.

Out in Left Field

There is a small engraving shop located in the same building I work in. Some time ago there was an ad for this small business in the newspaper advertising they engraved trophies. Recently, they approached the company I work for to revamp their website, claiming it was the reason business was slow. After taking a look at the images they provided for content, it was very clear they did so much more than just trophy engravings! They had a whole print shop that did marketing materials, shirts, mugs, masks…you name it they printed it! It was then we decided to take a look at their social platforms to get a closer look, only to discover they didn’t have anything relevant posted in the last 5 years. It’s no wonder they were suffering financially. It’s because no one knew what they actually did.

Unfortunately many small businesses suffer from not using social media strategies. By simply incorporating a plan, quality content that provides your potential client with the information they need and connecting with them to establish trust and an authentic brand ,small businesses can get themselves known for a very small cost. Consistency will win every time with social media if you are implementing a well thought out strategy.

Companies like Wendy’s and Airbnb seem to have the science down, and that likely is due to their expansive marketing team and budget. Smaller business can still get noticed by creating and implementing a strategic social media plan. As long as there is the commitment to stay consistent with their content, delivery and brand, they too will be successful in delivering their message.

Do you have a favorite company or brand that has a great social media presence? If so, drop it in the comments below and tell us why their strategy is a cut above the rest.

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