Tools and Sources in 2021

I think blog posting and being an influencer is much more important than people used to think it was. 5 years ago people thought bloggers and influencers were just a quick way to make a dollar, but now, so many brands rely on these people to promote their product. I literally bought a mascara last week that I have never heard of, but a girl I follow on Instagram ‘swears by it’, so its coming this week.

When I think of social media tools and sources I think of applications like Instagram, TikTok, even Facebook. The number of social media apps and peoples accessibility to them definitely makes being a blogger or influencer easier than it was in 2016, but they also have triple the amount of people and brands watching their content. This is positive, but also means more likely some nasty comments from trolls…ugh sigh…some people are so bored with their own lives.

Your age and motivation also decides what app you want to use. If you’re 21 and trying to become famous by being attractive and talking about your lifestyle, Instagram and TikTok are what you are going to use. If you are a young professional wanting to start your own business, Facebook and Instagram are great options!

With a new, super popular social media application coming out at least once a year, by the time another 5 years goes by there will be so many more to choose from. I don’t think Instagram and Facebook are going away anytime soon, but there will be so many more ways to choose from in promoting yourself, your brand and your business.

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