COM0014 – Blog #1: The Most Magical Trip on Earth

It’s no secret that I love Disney.

Yes, yes – call me a Disney adult. I’ve heard it all before. But Disney has always had a special place in my heart. The magic runs through my family, weaving us together and providing the backbone to many of our favourite memories. It’s a happy place for me, and more so became one when my snowbird parents bought themselves a home in Orlando.

So, you can only imagine how overjoyed I was when I met a small but fierce future lawyer at my university’s freshman Welcome Week who insisted in no uncertain terms that she was the biggest Disney fan. Little did I know then that I had just met the girl who would become my very best friend and my future Maid of Honour.

Flash forward to July 2019. After months of organizing, planning, and scoping out the best deals for Canadian residents, my best friend, Lexi, was on a plane to Orlando for our first trip to Disney World together. The moment we had dreamed of for 3 years was finally happening! Standing in the Arrivals terminal at the Orlando International Airport, it was all I could do to keep from bouncing on my toes and looking over the heads of debarking passengers as I anxiously awaited her arrival. And then – there she was! Screaming and laughing, we ran at each other, drawing attention from nearly everyone in the terminal, as Lexi shouted: “I’m finally here!”

We had our whole trip planned down to a T, as she was only able to get time off work for 3 days. We knew what parks we wanted to visit, which attractions we wanted to see, and we even planned a special dinner at a French restaurant to celebrate our first ever girls’ trip. But in the spirit of Disney, we were in for some magic that neither of us could have anticipated.

On our first day in the parks, we were weaving through shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, trying to escape the stifling 100ºF Floridian heat by entering an Air Conditioned ride, when a tall figure nearby caught my eye. Lo and behold, standing a mere five feet away from us was a YouTuber called Tim Tracker who we had bonded over as we planned our trip! We couldn’t believe it. Luckily, he had already stopped to meet with a few fans, so we were able to go over and chat. Tim was kind enough to take a photo with us, forming an unforgettable experience to mark our first trip. We joked that Lexi was good luck and would definitely need to come on every trip to Orlando from now on.

In the end, it isn’t how much money you spend or what lavish destination you visit the makes a vacation memorable. For us, a 3-day escape to Walt Disney World on a discounted park ticket with a best friend became a holiday to cherish forever.

Have you ever travelled with a friend? What was it like?

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