Fashion Nova the Strong Metro the Weak

I love a good social media campaign; most people will tell you ads have no effect on them however they do not realize that they do just more subconsciously than they understand as we are bombarded by so images daily.  There would be no ads if they did not work and I remember seeing all kinds of cool ones in magazines as a kid as well as Television but now of course, they reside on the internet most notably for me on Instagram.  The plethora of ads I see on sites where I am reading an article to Letterboxd certainly play an impact as well, one that I am less conscious of like most people who consume ads daily making it harder for me to comment on.  As for the other two social media sites besides Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are toxic but also lamer in comparison to me and I shall tell you what one group that is getting it right on Instagram and one organization that is doing absolutely nothing on social media that really ought to.

My idea of immense beauty!

              Fashion Nova was a clothing company I knew nothing of before Instagram and now that I am on the platform it is something that has captured my fancy despite me being a male and knowing I will never buy these clothes for myself.  But I would love to one day spoil a lady with these clothes if she is the right type of person for that and it comes less from their influencers than it does from their copious amounts of willing micro influencers.  The micro influencers I have been told from trendy females on Instagram, do not get paid much of anything if they are lucky, they will get free clothing which does not seem like much for all they do for the brand.  They are happy to do it though because they are so enthusiastic and it is this business of incorporating a lifestyle into a now not lifeless product that I find very intriguing and is an example of strong online organization.

As a company man their web presence drives me nuts!

              Metro has zero social media presence which I find appalling as an employee and reversing this face is a task, I want to take on personally both as a business man and as a customer who sees Loblaws and Farm Boy active on the social platforms!  I do not know what the purpose of them staying offline is, there is both a good website and app that Metro has active but on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – they are no where to be found which is simply baffling.  I know that the location I work at does great business but perhaps there is more money to be squeezed out through an active Instagram account which can be the basis for other stores in the company that are struggling more.  The task is a little daunting for me just in terms of managing the comments, but I have no doubt that once it gets going that is will be an effective project that could be helpful for the company more broadly speaking.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Nova the Strong Metro the Weak

  1. I can totally agree with you on Metros participation in social media… Coming from a retail job, that is currently social media based; I find it unbelievable that Metro has no jumped on the train with the other big retailers. What are they thinking!!!? Great choice!

  2. Great comments on Nova. I think that is the holy grail for marketers, to reach the status of having your customers generate content for you! How awesome that would be. Good for Nova, it is great seeing successful smaller brands.

    Too bad for Metro. I see Loblaw, whoever runs their Twitter feed, having a lot of fun managing their social presence with humour, engaging the customer, and growing their reach. Since following the banter on Twitter, I have a newfound appreciation for No Name. Loblaw has done a great job promoting this. Maybe take this comment to Metro and see if they will have a change of heart. It can only benefit the Metro brand.

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